25 years of experience hunting, handling, and training

If you are looking for a well-trained, eager, and reliable hunting partner in the field, as well as a happy and content companion for hearth and home, we look forward to visiting with you. Our top priority is to help you find the best gun dog for your needs.

Why choose us

It is a pleasure to deal with SunSage Sporting Dogs. They are very knowledgeable breeders and trainers. I’ve purchased several cockers over the years for use as flusher/retrievers. Conformity and temperament of the dogs is always as it should be. Their dogs perform in the field as they say they will do.
I highly recommend them.

Bill Webb - The Webb Farm

For over a year I was trying to decide what breed I wanted as a hunting companion. After sharing the field Scott and Tyla and the decision was simple, an English Field Cocker! Andi is a fantastic bird dog that impresses everyone. She is a joy to watch work, stays in range and always finds game. After the hunt she is a pleasure around the house, kind, gentle, great disposition and naturally gravitates towards kids. Thank you Sunsage Sporting Dogs.

Steve Stoni

I’ve been blessed to spend many days in the field with working dogs but the times that I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the day with the dogs from SunSage. Kennels have truly been my greatest experiences!

Scott Davis - Fishing Creek Farms

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