English Pointers

Picture of DD’s Valivue Annie, SSD Rootin Tootin Ruby,  & Valivue Fancy

Since 2009 English Pointers have become another fixture in our hunting activities. Again we prefer the smaller, athletic sized dog under 55 pounds that have increased longevity in their lifespan as an active hunting partner and longer daily stamina in the field. English Pointers are known for their long range and drive in the field. At Sunsage Sporting Dogs we do not have the opportunity to run field-trial dogs and conduct our personal and professional hunting activities on foot. Our English Pointers are known for their ability to produce birds while still hunting within a manageable range. An English Pointer locked up on point is a beautiful sight and we hope you enjoy browsing through these examples of our dogs and their pedigrees. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.