English Pointers

Picture of DD’s Vallivue Anne

$2,500 - SOLD

SOLD - Congratulations to Steve Walker on the purchase of Annie.  Thank you for choosing Sunsage Sporting Dogs.

Annie is 6 year old female that is a full sister to Vallivue Fancy. She is collar conditioned, whoa broke, retrieves to hand, does water retrieves and swims like lab, backs, etc. Annie is a completely finished gundog used extensively on wild birds, pen raised birds, and as a top dog in our professional guide string. She hunts with enthusiasm, covers ground well but can be shortened up when needed, has a great nose, is very stylish and handles perfectly on foot or an ATV.

She has produced one litter that resulted in very nice pups with wonderful natural ability. Anne handles very easily and has a great social personality. It is not uncommon for her to crawl up on a lap to be “loved on” or spend time sleeping with her head on your foot. She travels well, stakes out, roads on an ATV, and kennels easily with other dogs if needed. Wahoos Trouble Doc bloodlines.