Sunsage Sporting Dogs

Picture of Scott and Tyla holding English Cocker Pups

Wingshooting and bird dogs have been an integral part of our life together from the very beginning, as it was the sporting industry that introduced us to each other. We met in 2007 and were married in 2009. Our home and families are in Central Oregon. Shortly after our marriage opportunities started arising that eventually led us back into the world of wingshooting as a couple on a full-time basis.

Both of our lives have always been centered around animals and the outdoors. We enjoy big-game hunting as well as our time together hunting upland birds. Scott purchased his first German Shorthaired Pointer at 19 and since then has never been without them. Tyla has a passion for training and working with animals that developed from a very early age. Our combined passions of nearly 25 years of experience hunting, handling, and training finally led to the development of Sunsage Sporting Dogs as we now travel nationally and internationally as professional wingshooting guides and lodge managers.  

Sunsage Sporting Dogs was developed due to the demand of guests and clients inquiring about the availability of quality gundogs with proven performance in the field, demonstrated by our own personal gundogs while working as professional guides. Our top priority is placing the right gundog with the right person/family. We take great personal pride and enjoy the beauty of a well-trained dog performing at the peak of it's natural instinct and ability in the field. Given the nature of our involvement as professional wingshooting guides and lodge managers at top venues throughout the world, our dogs have a resume of experience and exposure that speaks for itself.

We look forward to helping you find your best hunting partner and hearth companion from Sunsage Sporting Dogs where "proven performance in the field" is a daily reality.