Welcome to Sunsage Sporting Dogs

We appreciate you stopping by to visit. At Sunsage Sporting Dogs we specialize in offering the well-started, young gun dog through to the completely finished gun dog for the discerning wing shooter.

Our personal passion for upland hunting with well-trained, stylish, and bird producing dogs has led us to a career within the sporting industry. Our time as managers and professional wingshooting guides at award-winning wingshooting venues throughout the United States and South America, including Orvis and Beretta lodges, has led Sunsage Sporting Dogs to be renowned for our high quality gun dogs and customer satisfaction at the highest levels. The level of expectation at these high quality venues is similarly reflected in the user-friendly and technically correct gun dogs we offer.

Our goal is to provide hand-picked gun dogs that have met the elite standards expected in our own personal hunting and family dogs. In order to achieve this, we rely heavily on the combination of strong natural ability, proven performance in the field, and quality bloodlines when selecting dogs that receive the Sunsage Sporting Dog seal of approval.

If you are looking for a well-trained, eager, and reliable hunting partner in the field, as well as a happy and content companion for hearth and home, we look forward to visiting with you. Our top priority is to help you find the best gun dog for your needs.